Seren Photonics Ltd uses nano-engineered structures to enhance the properties of III-Nitride materials. Our core focus is on the development and manufacture of semi-polar and non-polar Gallium Nitride templates designed to enhance the performance of GaN LEDs, lasers, VCSELs and power switches.

Semi-polar and non-polar materials offer significant benfits over conventional polar (c-plane) GaN. However, to date, semi-polar and non-polar GaN have only been available in small pieces cut from GaN boules (typically grown by HVPE or ammonothermal techniques). This lack of availability in industry standard wafer sizes has seriously impeded the commercialisation of the devices grown on semi-polar and non-polar GaN due to the prohibitively high cost per unit area. Until now!

Seren Photonics' technology overcomes the issues associated with bulk material and enables the manufacture of commercially viable 2" or larger diameter semi-polar or non-polar GaN templates where defect density and material quality are significantly better than any equivalent product.

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