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  • Dr Godfrey Ainsworth

    Dr Godfrey Ainsworth is the Chairman at Seren Photonics Ltd and has extensive knowledge and experience in the compound semiconductor industry having a twenty-two year relationship with IQE plc, where he has been Chairman since 1999. With a market capitalisation of £800m, IQE is an AIM listed compound semiconductor epitaxial wafer manufacturer with four manufacturing plants in the UK, three in the USA and one in Singapore. IQE has recently increased its focus on nitride based products through the acquisition of NanoGaN from Bath University, UK. Dr Ainsworth, who was also the founder and Managing Partner of Gambit Corporate Finance, led the acquisition teams which purchased Peters Food Services from Grand Metropolitan and Prestwick Airport from Stagecoach plc. He also advised on the merger of Epitaxial Products Limited and QED Inc to form IQE Plc which was then floated on EASDAQ and a year later on the LSE TechMark. During his time at IQE they have made five further acquisitions making IQE plc the largest 'pure play' foundry for compound semiconductor epiwafer manufacture in the world.

  • Bedwyr Humphreys

    Dr Bedwyr Humphreys, Chief Executive Officer, joined Seren Photonics in March 2013. He has over 16 years’ experience in senior roles focused on the commercialisation of leading edge semiconductor technologies and has worked in both start-ups and multinational organisations. In 2003 he undertook an MBA at Strathclyde Graduate Business School which he successfully completed in 2005. In 2006 he joined IQE plc as Business Development Director focusing on GaN. He was initially seconded to the Welsh Government to guide their strategy for developing a high technology hub in Wales. He worked on a number of M&A projects and headed up the successful acquisition and integration of NanoGaN Ltd a spin-out from the University of Bath. At NanoGaN he was responsible for the development and commercialisation of GaN growth technology for laser, LED and power semiconductor applications.

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